Biombo Information

Location: DRC (between the Kasai and Lulua Rivers)
Population: 5,000
Neighbors: Bushoong
Types of Art: There are two main types of Biombo masks: wooden helmet and face masks. The helmet type is bell-shaped, painted red or black with black and white triangular patterns on the cheeks. The face mask is usually painted red and with the same patterns. Some of these masks have cone shaped chameleon eyes as seen among Kuba, Ngeende, and Ngongo. They are sometimes decorated with feathers, raffia fibers, and animal pelts. Biombo masks are mainly anthropomorphic. They represent both male and female and play several characters. Biombo masks were used during young boys initiation and at funerals.
History: The Biombo (Bena Biombo) people live between the Kasai and Lulua Rivers. They claim to be of Kuba origin and share the same cultural heritage with the Bushoong and related groups. As were the Kuba, the Biombo were exposed to the Eastern Pende influence for a long time
Economy: The Biomo are basically farmers and traders.
Political Systems:
Religion: The Biombo essentially believe in nature spirits.