Songye Selections

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Songye Information

Location: Southeastern Congo (Zaire)
Neighboring Peoples: Luba, Luba Kasai, Sungu, Tetela, Mputu, Luntu, Binji, Kaniok
Types of Art: There are numerous mask styles associated with the Songye. Power objects and objects associated with divination are also prevalent in Western collections. In the past many Songye objects have been misattributed to the Luba and vice versa.
Religion: The creator god of the Songye is Efile, although sacrifices are not made directly to him. Much attention is focused on familial ancestors, to whom sacrifices are made to encourage the well-being of the individual and the family.
Credit: McIntyre, L. Lee and Christopher D. Roy. 'Art and Life in Africa Online.' 1998: The Art and Life in Africa Project,